Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our Rock Star

Eden had another opportunity in the Roch Church's Music is For Kids Father's Day program this year. I actually wasn't going to have her be in it this year, just because our life has been kind of crazy and I didn't know if I could fit another thing into our schedule. I thought if I didn't mention it to her that she wouldn't even remember..WRONG!! She loves to go and watch different videos and things on there and one night while watching the MIFK's video from last year she asked when it was going to be this year.."Oh no" I thought! I couldn't tell her that she already missed one practice!? So you guessed it, that next Tuesday night we were headed to Elk Grove for practice. I'm so glad that I did, she had a blast and I also got to enjoy weeks of sitting in the Tuesday night service at The Rock and was blessed each week! And as a bonus I got to see friends that I normally don't get to see and I was able to make some new friends too!

So I don't think she will let a year go buy without forgetting and I'm glad. She loves The Rock Church and has made a ton of friends that I hope will continue to grow as they get older. There is nothing like having your little girl get so excited for Tuesdays to come and to hear her play the music CD over and over until everyone (including her 2 year old bother) can quote each line by memory! We love you Rock Church and cannot thank you enough for letting Eden be a part!
Also, she thought she was pretty special that they named the Park after her: Eden Park. You should have seen her face when we walked into the church Friday night, super surprised! Her aunt Tawni was to pick her up that night to spend the night and she told me to tell Aunt Tawni that she wanted to be picked up Late, Real Late! Oh my Word girl you're only 5! Dear Lord, what am I going to do in 10 years!? This is scary!:)
Here is our Little Rock Star singing her part Sunday morning! GO EDEN AUTRY!

To see more pictures from Father's Day Sunday go to my Facebook page.

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